What are shopfitters?

No, this has nothing to do with trying on clothes. Neither is it a misspelling of shoplifters. Shopfitting is what it is called when a business fills its store with furniture, fixtures, counter, signs and other non-merchandise related items. In the case of restaurants it includes the refrigerator, oven, sinks, tables and counters. Think of it as an outfitter for a business. Shopfitters supply and arrange the essentials for setting up shop or running a restaurant.


So why  shopfitters are important?

Small businesses hire their own top shopfitters melbourne to fit their store or business. It is close to interior design where the flow and feel of the store depends on where the counters, display racks, tables, furniture, and other big items go. Is it a casual store? Professional? Is it catered to young people who like to sit on sofas and play on their laptop or older people who like to sit by the dressing rooms? There needs to be room to move but also a good flow so that customers can see the products for sale and get to them easily. If it is a restaurant, customers and waitstaff need to move around comfortably and the tables need to be set up for efficiency. The kitchen needs to be laid out so each station has what they need and can utilize it. If you think of your own kitchen and where the counters and appliances are, there was a lot of thought into installing them in that specific location. Shopfitters lay out the locations for some heavy or unmovable pieces that can’t be moved again.

 Shopfitters project the brand.

In the last paragraph, you learned about how Melbourne shopfitters can project the mood of the store. The type and placement of furniture has a huge impact on how customers will perceive the brand. Shopfitters also place the signage for the store. I am sure you have seen a lot of different types of signage. Some stores have their brand painted on the wall, or like billboards. There are signs on top of the racks or hanging down from the ceiling. Shopfitters are in charge of where this initial signage will go.


Some shopfitters work for the fixture manufacturer.

Large retail stores who buy in bulk use a shopfitter that works for the manufacturer of the fixtures. The shopfitter can design the layout of one store and that layout can be used for every single store. This saves cost in bulk because the manufacturer already knows how many of each type of fixture or furniture element the business needs. You have probably noticed that when you walk into one big store or a restaurant chain, the layout is just about identical to every other one of the same stores or restaurants you have walked into. No matter how far apart they are. This creates a homogenous effect where you perceive that if one store or restaurant is good, then all the other ones are good. Of course, when the shopfitter works for the manufacturer of the items used in the store, there is less range of items to be used. The shopfitter will not pick a piece from another manufacturer. Most of the items used will be multi-functional or adjustable like peg boards and adjustable shelving.

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Top Four Preventive Plumbing Tips to Help Improve Efficiency and Save Money


To many people, plumbing is one area that they would skirt over and presume everything is okay. However, doing that is not the best strategy. Compared to reactive plumbing, preventive plumbing is a better investment. Not only does it save you substantial amount of money over time, but it also reduces excess energy and water consumption and increases efficiency. The following are 4 preventive plumbing tips I learned from  that can help you achieve that and so much more:


Be mindful of the kitchen sink


Your kitchen sink and the accompanying drain are the most problematic areas in your home. To avoid any plumbing problems associated with these areas, avoid pouring fats, cooking oils or grease down the drain. Over time, these materials harden the pipes, and cause clogs. Additionally, also refrain from putting any fibrous material down the garbage disposal. Items such as banana peels, peach pits, poultry skins etc tend to clog a drain. You can mitigate pressure on pipes and reduce drastically the odds of expensive future repairs by keeping the kitchen drain clear.


Have the drains cleared


Confused about how to effectively get your drains cleared? Well, one super-practical move is having a plumber come and inspect your primary drain line as well as pipes frequently. Using various tools such as cameras, a plumber can easily identify and clear any blocked drains before they turn out to be a serious problem.

plumbing tips n tricks


Regularly test your toilet’s tank


One major problem with leaky tanks is the fact that you can hardly tell they are leaking. A sure way of finding out is by placing a number of food coloring drops into the tank and observing whether there will be any color turn-ups in the bowl. If you see any color turn ups, then it is a clear sign that you need the flapper or ball mechanism.


Adjust the water heater


Do you notice that the water is too hot or cold whenever you take a shower or wash your hands? Do you often run out of hot water quickly? These can be clear signs that the water heater needs some adjustments. Have a professional technician check for any leaks or hidden problems.


How to take care of your water heater


Until it suddenly stops working, forgetting about a water heater is easy. Regularly scheduled maintenance of the water heater upholds performance, extends the life of the unit and uses less energy. Here are some maintenance tips:

l Periodically drain the tank – With time, sediment build up in water heaters can damage your tank. Periodically draining the tank can assist with sediment removal.

l Insulate the water heater – Insulating the water heater is an effective way of saving energy. To be specific, you can reduce stand-by heat loss by 45% and save water heating costs by 9%.

l Invite a professional to conduct water heater inspection


Investing in preventing plumbing does not mean you change your lifestyle completely. It simply means that you become more aware of the things that affect your appliances, drains, and pipes. Just a few tweaks in and around your home, help you save money, improve efficiency, and promote a greener and sustainable environment. Get in touch here

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Plumber

Plumbers are involved in installation, repair, maintenance and other function of parts of your home like toilet, water heaters repair and so on. Choosing a plumber is an important decision for every commercial owner. Some plumbers offer excellent work while others perform shoddy work. When choosing a plumber you must choose the best from the best. Low quality service will be costly in the long run because you will need plumbing services again to remedy the poor quality services. You need to take your time before coming up with a decision on the plumber to assign your plumbing needs. This are some of the function you should keep into consideration before choosing a plumber;



When you need your plumbing issues fixed, you need to choose the most experienced and professional plumber. The more a plumber has been in the business the more the experience. You can also track the records of the plumber to verify their experience. Experienced plumbers perform plumbing services with confidence hence doing excellent job beyond your expectation.


A good plumber should references of previously performed tasks. If the plumber has many years’ experience, coming up with references will not be a problem. If a plumber has no experience consider looking for another plumber. You can also communicate with past customers. This is a good reference because they will communicate to you the kind of service the plumber provided. If the plumber provided an excellent job it’s advisable to go for the plumber. If you receive negative comments from people, it’s advisable to look for another plumber.


Services Offered

Before choosing a plumber you should consider the service the plumber offers. Some plumbers offer general services while others offer specific services. In case your plumbing problems are varied may be from toilet fixing, kitchen repairs and so on its advisable to go for general plumbers. In case you need to fix a specific problem such as installing your tankless water heater, you can go for a specific plumber. It’s also important to confirm if the plumber offers 24/7 services. This is important in case of emergency services.

Pricing Option

Every plumber has his/her own price that’s why price are varied. A professional plumber should offer the market prevailing prices. The plumber should not be too expensive all too cheap. Always go for the best plumber offering the best prices.

You can now use this steps when choosing a plumber.

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